Industries Served

Pro-Form Packaging is proud to support an expansive list of American industries.

Our long history, (approaching 30 years in packaging) and extensive experience in these industries listed below, as well as their associated prodects, allow us to get you up an running quickly. From design to prototyping to production, our extensive knowledge base will help avoid typical "hard knocks" and a plethora of common learning curve issues typically encountered when launching new products. This historical knowledge of plastics packaging and other utility products will free up your time to concentrate on the many other aspects of a product launch. We have accumulated many secondary process along the way, from Vacuum Forming, to Die cutting, RF (Radio Frequency) Ultrasonic welding and heat sealing to assembly and fulfilment, we can solve all your problems and fulfill all your needs, A to Z.

If your industry is not represented here we would love add yours to the list!

AEROSPACE: special componant packages, satellite component packages

AUTOMOTIVE: component handing trays, robotic feed trays, battery trays

BEVERAGE: vending machine carrier pucks, bottle organizers, POP displays

COSMETIC: implement trays, clamshells and blisters, pressed powder transport packages

DISPLAY: Point of Purchase (POP) trays, table top advertising trays, blister cards

ELECTRONICS: ESD handling trays and covers, conductive enclosures, special device clamshells, shipping containers, Wi-Fi antennas

FOOD: entree dishes, frozen food packages, meal trays, candy trays, clear clamshells, microwavable containers, dual ovenable trays (CPET), liquor bottle (protective and decorative) trays and cartons

GOVERMENT: MBR manufacturer, military components and sub assemblies, profile Extrusion of TPP and TPE flexible polymers and shapes

MEDICAL: surgical packaging, Tyvek lidding, non-woven and woven textile die cutting

PHARMACEUTICAL: temperature control packaging, oncology packaging, surgical instrument packaging and clamshells, form-fill seal packages, blood vial trays, sample carriers, blotters

REFRIGERATION: condensation drip pans, shelving, compressor packaging, Freon resistant flues and covers, vents, louvers

SECURITY: anti-terrorism devices, munitions protection (SD), ESD supplies, non-woven materials

SOLAR ENERGY: solar cell base forms, battery components, PVC UV/FR VO connector boxes and covers, battery trays