At Pro-Form Packaging our name can be somewhat deceiving, we do so much more than packaging!

Our core business revolves around various methods of thermoforming and vacuum forming. We offer a wide range of processes in this area. Primarily of which is in-line, roll fed, form and trim in-line vaccum/pressure forming. This process is the most efficient, where the product is produced in one seamless, continious operation.

Trimming can be sharp edge technology such as steel rule die cutting using heated dies, forged and machined tool steel dies and punches as well as matched metal stamping / punching.

Stepping down to suit medium to low volume needs we offer multiple roll fed, inline forming (vacuum only) with side line and off line roller and flat bed die cutting. Set-up and operating costs are more suited to these volumes. Tooling, energy and labor costs are kept to a minimum utilizing this process.

The products that we can produce, more often than not, start with a vacuum formed item, but it does not stop there, we offer the ability to get very creative in meeting our customers' needs. Special punching, die cut inserts, radio frequency and ultrasonic welding package sealing.

Custom processes to suit your needs

We offer thermoforming and fabrication of heavy sheet facilitated by die cutting, extrusion welding, stick welding, heat bending sawing, routing and adhesives.

Special projects such as Form Fill Seal are also available if the volume is a fit.

We also offer custom extrusion and co-extrusion of flexible Thermo Plastic Elastomers (TPE) and Thermoplastic Urethanes (TPU).

We also extrude custom profiles made from ridged polymers in many shapes and material such as PVC, PP, PET, PS, HIPS and ABS.

Other services offered include 2D and 3D die cutting of a wide veriety of materials woven and non-woven fabrics like TFE / Glass, Nomex, Kevlar as well as most ridged polymers.